Monday, August 31, 2009

Give Me a Cooking-Themed Movie Every Time

Some of my favorite movies revolve around cooking, gardening, or homey settings. Looking for a movie for your Blockbuster or Netflix queue? I recommend 'The Big Night.' And of course the more-recent 'Julie & Julia' is not to be missed. 'Something's Gotta Give,' with that amazing house and kitchen and take out from the Hampton's delis, gives a viewer the warm feeling of hearth and home (and there's writing!). Then there's 'Moonstruck'--that kitchen! And Under the Tuscan Sun--all that pasta and limoncello.

Alors, we mustn't leave out 'Chocolat.' Did you ever SEE so much luscious chocolate (and luscious Johnnie Depp). Speaking of Paris (we were, weren't we?), if you've never been to Angelina on rue de Rivoli, you gotta go. Put it on your short list. The hot chocolate they serve looks an awful lot like the tempting drink Juliette Binoche serves in the movie. Oh la la!


  1. Welcome to the Blogosphere Janice. Nice job for starters and good for you for getting into the complexities of the Internet. I think as time goes on you will find more and more things that will inspire you to report about and share. You're a great writer so my only criticism is that the inputs are too short.

    One movie suggestion is "The Age of Innocence" directed by Martin Scorseces (sp?) which has several scenes where his camera slowly pans over the huge spreads of food the wealthy characters of the film were serving up, complete with narration on how the food was prepared. Edith Wharton's book also goes into great detail about the food the people ate

  2. Excellent addition, Mark! I later also thought about Tom Jones (no, not the hip-swivveling singer--the movie with Albert Finney and Susannah York). TJ contains a famous eating scene--lusty, I'd say.

  3. Watched "Age of Innocence" again this weekend, after you got me thinking about it. What a visual feast.