Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wine Barbie?!

I just saw a blog post about "Wine Barbie." Seriously?  That girl is everywhere!  Turns out this particular Barbie is a wine enthusiast, and is holding forth for Women's History Month. 

The article mentions a few wine makers and experts who are women (and we KNOW there are a lot of female drinkers -- wink). 

My beloved sweatshirt. 
I didn't see mention of one of my favorite wine maker names and coincidentally a women-operated business -- Hip Chicks Do Wine in Oregon.  My sister and I did a little tour of a few wineries in the Portland area several years ago. Hip Chicks was on our list mainly because we simply HAD to see what this place was all about with such a fun name. Their wines are what they call drinkable -- nothing complicated, but easy going down. I brought back a few bottles of their Vin Nombril, or “Belly Button Wine.”  It's a Pinot Gris-Muscat blend, and lovely on a warm summer day--sit back, sip, and contemplate your navel. Learn more about them on their website.

One of my go-to reds is MacMurray Ranch's Pinot Noir. Fred MacMurray may be gone, but his daughter Kate MacMurray is still involved in the winery. Their wines are easy to find in the Northern Virginia area --Wegman's is where I usually go. The extra couple of dollars for the Russian River Valley PInot Noir is worth it, but the Central Coast PInot Noir is just fine in a pinch. I haven't had good luck with their whites. 

Speaking of good white wines, Naked Mountain in Markham, Virginia, makes several yummy whites. They also hold various events, such as delicious lasagna lunches in the winter, Winemaker Dinners, and more. One of the upcoming events is a star-gazing evening on the mountain. How fun!  Too much wine and I suppose we may start seeing UFOs instead of stars.  I'll take my chances.   

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  1. I've been to Naked Mountain twice (in daylight). Like their golden Chardonnay.